These are the 11 top programming languages to learn in 2021

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{mosads}Programming is becoming more than just a career in itself; many roles across the public and private sector are demanding we know more about code and how it functions. Whether you’re considering a career change, or are sharpening your skills, here are the eleven programming languages worth knowing and how to learn them.


A scripting language designed for web development, PHP underpins much of what we see online. The Essential PHP Coding Bundle ($29,99, 94% off) lays out how back-end web development functions across four courses, including how PHP connects to Python, and how to get the most from it while using it as a springboard to learn other languages.

Ruby on Rails

One of the original web frameworks, Ruby on Rails makes developing complex webpages a relatively simple task. The five courses found in The Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp Certification Bundle ($35.99, 96% off) give you a full and informative overview of making use of it to build more effective web tools.


Much like the coffee it’s named after, you can’t go anywhere without finding Java. The 2021 Java Bootcamp Bundle ($35.99, 96% off) offers a useful entry point into the language, its applications, how it’s used, and how to apply it to your career.


As of 2019, Kotlin is the preferred language for Android apps, as chosen by Google. If you’re developing apps, or part of a team adjacent to it, knowledge of Kotlin will be key. Kotlin for Android: Beginner to Advanced ($19, 90% off) has 22 hours of training across 87 lessons to help even absolute beginners grasp how it works.


Similar to Kotlin, Swift is the preferred language for developing apps for iOS. SwiftUI: The Complete Developer Course ($14.99, 92% off) offers 24 hours of education to better grasp app development.

Google Go (aka Golang)

Go is the language many of Google’s programs are coded in, and it was designed to combine the features of a host of programming languages while doing away with their more annoying quirks. Learn Google Go – Golang Programming for Beginners ($15, 87% off) offers a strong base to understanding how Google makes things work and programming languages more generally.


C# (pronounced “sea sharp”) was built on previous C languages by Microsoft to create a powerful, flexible coding language that can be used almost anywhere. The Complete C# Programming Bundle: Lifetime Access ($29, 97% off) teaches you everything you need to know about C# across seven courses.


One of the most popular languages, used for everything from space probes to video games, C++ is one of the “core” languages for hardcore programmers. The C++ Programming Bundle: Beginner to Expert ($14.99. 97% off) offers three courses that help beginners master it and grasp just how powerful it can be.


You’ll find Python almost everywhere you look. If you’ve shared photos on Instagram, files on Dropbox, or a binge-watch with a loved one on Netflix, you can thank Python. The twelve courses in The Complete 2021 Python Programming Certification Bundle ($49.99, 97% off) probes the many, many uses for this powerful, flexible language that’s great for beginners.


For data science, statistical analysis, and visualization, R is central to well-executed projects. The Complete R Programming Certification Bundle ($29, 97% off) explores how R functions and how to use it to draw more information from the rising tide of data we all have access to.


If you’re asked to do complex simulations of networks, you’ll likely be doing them in MATLAB, which is built to perform complex mathematical and algorithmic work. The Complete MATLAB Programming Certification Bundle ($34.99, 98% off) starts from first principles and eases you into how MATLAB works, so even if you’re only working with the results, you better understand how the system developed them.

Learn them all

If you’d like to develop the broadest possible spectrum of coding knowledge, especially useful if you’ll be working with programmers and the development process, The Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle ($59.99, 98% off) is packed with 27 courses across this entire spectrum, offering both a good overview of the field and an excellent starting point for a career change.

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