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Utah school district sued by teacher who reported sexual harassment among students

A Utah teacher is suing the Park City School District, accusing it of retaliating against her for reporting sexual harassment among students. 

Kathryn Moore specifically accuses the district of “violations of Title IX” and “state breach of contract,” according to CNN.

The lawsuit, filed in the 3rd District Court for Summit County, says a few of the fifth grade girls in Moore’s class told her in December 2020 that “one of the boys in the class was touching them inappropriately and staring at them in ways that made them uncomfortable,” CNN reported.

Moore, a temporary teacher hired for the 2020-2021 school year, “immediately” reported the harassment to the principal, who suggested she tell their parents. 

Two weeks after her report, the principal recommended she “segregate her classroom by gender, seating all the boys on one side of the classroom and all the girls on the other.”

Moore complied, though she “strongly disagreed” with the instructions. Her lawsuit also alleged that the principal did not “investigate the female students’ complaints, correct the behavior of the accused male student, or protect female students from further sexual harassment,” CNN added.

Last January, roughly one month after her report, Moore’s students were interviewed individually outside of her classroom, though she did not know why. She was later told that “the ‘investigation’ revealed a ‘harmonious classroom,’ and that it was time to ‘reintegrate’ the students,” the outlet said. 

Another teacher arrived to replace Moore two weeks later and said that Moore had requested to be transferred, a claim Moore says was false. The principal quickly said that the incident was a “misunderstanding,” but the next day, Moore was called into a meeting with the principal during which she was given the “opportunity” to transfer. 

“Ms. Moore was not given any choice in the matter,” the suit claimed, according to CNN.

The teacher’s suit seeks lost wages and benefits as well as punitive damages and legal fees, CNN noted.

The Hill has reached out to the Park City School District for comment.


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