State media documentary admits ‘food crisis’ in North Korea

A North Korea state media documentary admitted there is a “food crisis” occurring in the country.

The two-hour film, called “The Great Year of Victory 2021,” showed North Korean President Kim Jong Un discussing the food shortage, an uncommon admission by the leader, The Washington Post reported

“What is urgently needed in stabilizing the people’s livelihood is to relieve the tension created by the food supply,” Kim said in the movie that aired on Tuesday.

Kim went as far to call the situation a “food crisis,” with the film saying the “country’s situation is more difficult than ever.”

The food situation in North Korea got worse over the pandemic due to the country’s strict and extended border shutdown to combat the virus. 

The shutdown and refusal of international aid slowed down imports of farming equipment, which contributed to the food shortage. 

Kim said in the movie the country has tapped its emergency grain supply due to the crisis, according to The Post. 

The admission in the film comes after Kim made the food shortage a central issue in the ruling Workers’ Party’s central committee’s plenary meeting at the beginning of the year. 

Kim reportedly said in the meeting he would “boost agricultural production to completely resolve the country’s food problems.”

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