Dozens killed after heavy rains in India, Sri Lanka

Dozens have been killed after heavy rains poured down on parts of India and Sri Lanka. 

Authorities said at least 41 have died amid flooding and landslides in the two countries, Reuters reported on Thursday.

Officials in Sri Lanka said 25 were killed during the deluge, with most drowning. At least five people were injured by landslides.

The disaster management minister for the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Sattur Ramachandran, said 16 people had died.

Thousands of people in India had to move from low-lying areas to find safety from the rain and flooding, according to Reuters.

“The public should not go out,” Greater Chennai Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi said on New Delhi Television on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press.

Officials in both nations are expecting for the rain to slow down in the next few days while communities are working to rebuild.

Some areas in India are reportedly using pumps to drain communities that were flooded.

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