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Vaccinated tourists don’t need boosters to enter Abu Dhabi, officials say

Local officials in the United Arab Emirates released new information this week confirming that vaccinated tourists seeking to enter the capital will not need to show proof of a booster shot.

The change will only apply to tourists entering Abu Dhabi, while citizens and residents of the city-state will be required to have proof of their booster shots, according to The Associated Press.

Abu Dhabi has taken a stricter approach to implementing coronavirus restrictions than its neighbor Dubai. The capital city placed a hard border between the two city-states to allow for COVID-19 checks and vaccination checks before allowing drivers to enter, the news outlet noted.

The news of the booster shot requirement for Abu Dhabi residents and citizens came swiftly, allowing for little time for commuters to adjust. Just last week, many were turned away from entering the city from Dubai because they had not received their booster shots, AP reported.

The emirate later clarified that all citizens and residents desiring entrance into Abu Dhabi needed to provide proof of a booster shot in order to be considered fully vaccinated.

An update to the Abu Dhabi tourism website noting that the new rule will not apply to international travelers was reported by local media on Monday. Tourists will be allowed entry into Abu Dhabi if they have received two doses of a coronavirus vaccine, AP noted.

Residents and tourists who are hoping to enter the city-state reportedly must also provide a negative COVID-19 test that was taken within two weeks of entry in order to visit malls, gyms and other public places. 

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