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Animals call for O-Care sign-ups in national PSA

Household pets have joined the chorus of activists calling for people to sign up for ObamaCare coverage.  

In a large new advertising campaign, dogs, cats, birds and fish sing to the camera, urging their owners to “enroll today” in health coverage under the reform law.

{mosads}”There’s a plan for every budget, so don’t accept defeat … You can get covered and still buy me treats,” the animals sing.

Aimed at uninsured young women, the public service announcements (PSAs) may become some of the most visible pro-ObamaCare ads on television.

The spots will air on thousands of media outlets thanks to the campaign’s co-sponsor, the nonprofit Ad Council, which creates and distributes PSAs.

An average Ad Council campaign receives at least $30 million in donated time and space from the media, according to a press memo.

If realized, that amount would represent a major boost for pro-enrollment efforts, which are competing against costly conservative ad campaigns highlighting problems with the health law.

In addition to cable and Spanish-language television networks, the “Enroll Today” ads will appear in national magazines and on display boards in New York City’s Times Square, the announcement stated.

“With the significant lack of awareness about the new insurance options available to Americans, there is a great need for a national public education campaign,” said Ad Council President and CEO Peggy Conlon in a statement.

Enroll America, a pro-ObamaCare group with close ties to the White House, is also sponsoring the campaign. The ads direct viewers to the group’s information site,

About 3 million people have signed up for private coverage on the exchanges since Oct. 1, the administration announced last month.

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