Putin signs law allowing electronic conscription notices, closing loophole in military drafts

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday signed into law a measure allowing for electronic draft notices, making it harder for conscripts to flee a summons by closing a key loophole.

Under the new law, physical mail containing a draft summons will still be sent to a person’s address.

But that will be supplemented by an electronic draft register that immediately makes the notice valid once posted online, according to state-run Russian news service TASS.

A draftee will also be notified of the summons via an online government portal.

The new law tightens Russia’s military draft amid the war in Ukraine and closes a previous loophole with which some Russians had avoided a call-up by avoiding a served address.

Those who have failed to show up for service will be prohibited from leaving Russia, barred from selling their apartment or other assets and have to turn over their driver’s license, The Associated Press reported.

Last fall, as Russia was facing numerous setbacks in Ukraine, Putin ordered a draft calling up some 300,000 reservists.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians are estimated to have fled after the partial mobilization was issued.

Putin last month also signed a decree authorizing a routine spring conscript to call up about 147,000 citizens for service.

The war in Ukraine has dragged on for more than a year with no signs of abating. Heavy fighting is continuing in the eastern part of the country.

Russia has reportedly faced a killed or wounded toll of around 200,000 soldiers in the war, according to western intelligence.

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