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DNI Clapper: Iran is complying with nuclear agreement so far

The nation’s top intelligence officer said he believed that Iran was complying with terms of an interim agreement to freeze its nuclear program. 

“So far, they are complying with the agreement,” said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday. 

{mosads}Clapper’s remarks come as some lawmakers remain skeptical over whether Iran is complying with the agreement reached with the U.S. and western allies to freeze some parts of its nuclear program in exchange for a limited easing of sanctions. 

“That is not to say they won’t take advantage of that which is not prohibited. They will,” he added. 

“And certainly, the combination of the more intrusive [International Atomic Energy Agency] inspections and surveillance, coupled with what we are able to do, you know, we’ll be watching for that,” he said. 

A majority of lawmakers have voiced support for passing additional sanctions in case Iran fails to comply, which the president says could derail a larger deal, and has threatened to veto. 

Clapper said additional sanctions right now “would be a poke in the eye.” 

“The implicit threat is there anyway if the Congress decides they’re not — for whatever reason they are not in compliance and they want to impose more sanctions,” he said. 

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