Capitol Hill vendor hit by ransomware attack: report

A tech vendor used by dozens of House offices on Capitol Hill for constituent outreach services has reportedly been hit by a ransomware attack, becoming the latest victim in a series of cyberattacks to target U.S.-based entities.

Punchbowl News reported Tuesday that almost 60 House offices, from both parties, have not been able to retrieve constituent information from the vendor iConstituent for several weeks.

The company is reportedly working with Catherine Szpindor, chief administrative officer of the House, to resolve the issue, but Punchbowl noted that frustration is mounting, as the incident has not yet been fixed.

Szpindor said there is no evidence that suggests wider House information technology systems have been breached or compromised, according to Punchbowl.

“The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer was notified by iConstituent that their e-newsletter system was hit with a ransomware attack. iConstituent’s e-newsletter system is an external service available for House offices to purchase. At this time, the CAO is not aware of any impact to House data,” Szpindor said in a statement to the news outlet.

“The CAO is coordinating with the impacted offices supported by iConstituent and has taken measures to ensure that the attack does not affect the House network and offices’ data,” she added.

According to its website, iConstituent provides a “Constituent Engagement Platform.” The website says the provider offers a “single platform where you can easily connect with constituents, collaborate on casework, and manage all internal and external communications.”

According to Punchbowl, the provider’s clients also include Hawaii, Nevada, Los Angeles and East Palo Alto, Calif.

Additionally, the New York State Assembly also reportedly uses the platform.

The incident is the latest in a string of cyberattacks to target U.S.-based establishments.

Colonial Pipeline, a network that provides around 45 percent of the East Coast’s fuel, and JBS USA, one of the largest meat suppliers in the country, were both recently hit with ransomware attacks.


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