John McAfee: ‘I’ll have no problem’ winning 2016 election

Software entrepreneur John McAfee is arguing that he would be able to easily defeat both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the general election in November, running as a Libertarian.

{mosads}“Trust me, I’ll have no problem whatsoever winning this election,” McAfee said, according to U.S. News.

Citing the tumultuous 2016 presidential race, the creator of the eponymous antivirus software argued that the Libertarian Party has unique opportunity to take the White House.

“If I can’t win in a year when we have dissatisfaction and children on stage, well then the Libertarians should just give up,” McAfee said. “This is the only chance we have, this opportunity to enter a clown show dressed as and acting like the people who are actually suffering in this country.”

McAfee entered the presidential race in September under the banner of the self-named Cyber Party. Since then, he has abandoned those plans and announced he will run as a Libertarian candidate — although cybersecurity still remains a definitive tenet of his platform.

In order to gain the party nomination, he must first must defeat former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson at the Libertarian convention in May.

McAfee argues his electability comes from his ability to communicate with voters and his “checkered past,” which includes a dramatic flight to Guatemala in 2012 following the murder of his neighbor.

“When I travel, I’m constantly stopped by people asking for photos,” he said. “I’m not tooting my own horn, but I have the ability to reach the people. They will listen because I have a checkered background and I may say something interesting.”

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