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The Gay World War? Inside Putin’s warped reality

On Nov. 24, the Russian parliament passed a law on so-called LGBT propaganda. New amendments banned anything that could be construed as a suggestion that homosexual relationships are normal.

This was happening right at the time Russian troops were fleeing from Kherson and the futile Russian attacks on Bakhmut were leaving several hundred dead on the battlefield each day.

Whу in God’s name are Russian lawmakers so agitated about gay marriages during a bloody war? Do they have nothing else to discuss? How is “gay propaganda” related to war with Ukraine?

Turns out, directly.

To understand the relationship, we must turn to a speech given on Dec. 1 at a forum in Sochi by one of the most mysterious and influential figures of the Russian court: Mikhail Kovalchuk, currently head of the famous Kurchatov’s institute and brother to Vladimir Putin’s closest friend, Yuri Kovalchuk, who reportedly spent the long months of total COVID-19 isolation with Putin.

So, what did this influential Russian “scientist” say?

Some pretty astonishing things.

He said that the Western elite — as represented by Roman, Bilderberg and Davos clubs — is dreaming of creating genetically modified people to serve the elites, “so that the current state of society will never be changed and they will rule forever.” He also said it’s not only technologically possible, but in fact is right now being implemented by the West.

“And you won’t need such a multitude of people any more,” Kovalchuk explained. “An artificial womb, an incubator, and it’s like chickens … and then you can produce the serving people by genetic editing in any numbers.”

This is where the gay propaganda kicks in: It’s all a part of a dastardly plan, he says, by Western elites to stop the natural propagation of humanity. “People are being indoctrinated in gay marriage so they don’t multiply,” Kovalchuk said, “and in a couple of generations there won’t be anybody.”

But what of the countries outside of pernicious Western influence, like Russia, China or India? Here, he said, the elites’ plan gets even more sinister: bioweapons. “A COVID with a 100 percent mortality will come to them and cut down everybody,” Kovalchuk predicted.

According to him, all this was a long-term plan crafted by the Dulles brothers — Allen, the former director of the CIA, and John, Eisenhower’s secretary of State — “together with their Rockefeller buddy.” Kovalchuk claims they created the World Health Organization “not for curing people. But to control the health of humanity in many parts of the world, to influence it with vaccination.”

So, did you get it?

It’s not against Ukraine the Russian army is fighting. It’s against a New World Order of Bilderberg and Davos elites trying to genetically engineer a subservient humanity with gay marriages in the West and killer viruses in the rest of the world. With Rockefellers, Dulles brothers and WHO thrown into the mix.

It’s only natural that Russia, while waging such a war, has to prohibit gay couples. Far from being a diversion, they are at the crux of the matter!

You might think it’s a bit extreme to quote a speech by a single Russian looney as an explanation of current Kremlin craziness — but I remind you: It’s not a single speech.

Kovalchuk told the Russian Senate pretty much the same things back in 2015. Then, he was also talking about genetically modified service-people fed on cheap genetically-modified food. He also proposed a cure: Give him money to fight fire with fire. With more money — obscene amounts of money — he could develop convergent nano-bio-info-cogno-blah-blah-blah technologies that would presumably beat the West with righteous Russian countermeasures.

It’s like QAnon on steroids.

I also remind you: This guy’s brother was reportedly cooped up with Putin throughout the pandemic.

It’s no coincidence that Russian propaganda keeps discovering in Ukraine “NATO biolaboratories” and that Vasily Nebendzya, the Russian representative to the United Nations, is publicly talking about military modified mosquitoes.

This is the stuff Putin believes.

It’s no coincidence that as early as 2017 Putin started to talk publicly about the “genetic material of Russian people” being collected and exported abroad, presumably with the pernicious intent of creating a biologically selective bioweapon, to strike only Russians. (How such a weapon could be developed by Ukrainians, which are, according to Putin, the same people as Russians, beats me, but then, conspiracy theorists are not great on consistency).

And right now, Russian TV is straight on it. Commenting on Morocco’s recent soccer victory over Portugal, Russia’s main TV channel ran a segment that claimed: “The West is really disintegrating. … Children grown in laboratories and controlled by a smartphone is the new trend of progressive Western society. The Africans will soon appear to be the cutest creations as compared to cyborgs that will replace them. … The classical understanding of ‘Europe’ with its gay propaganda is losing to the traditional world.”

You still don’t get where the soccer comes in? Here it is: “And what happened at the World Cap, and what we are seeing across all of Europe, when Moroccans are taking to the streets to celebrate, not because they are savages, which is what the Europeans think, but because they want to prove to their white masters that they are equal, that they were able to defeat them fairly on the battlefield, on the football battlefield. But now Europe is saying: We’ll grow the footballers artificially, we’ll artificially grow the military, we’ll grow the scientists artificially and then you traditionalists will lose to us decisively.”

What’s a conspiracy theory without a good dose of racism thrown in?

Don’t be mistaken: This is not just a PR ploy. This is something Putin likely believes wholeheartedly, thanks to the Kovalchuks.

The public should be aware they are almost certainly not dealing with a sane person. They are dealing instead with a someone steeped in conspiracy theories, who believes he is fighting a crusade against gay marriages, genetically modified mosquitoes, and the Bilderbergs.

Yulia Latynina, a journalist, worked for Echo of Moscow radio station and the Novaya Gazeta newspaper until they were shut down as part of the current war in Ukraine. She is a recipient of the U.S. State Department’s Defender of Freedom award.

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