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Budowsky: 10 million should march on DC, for earth and democracy

Around Earth Day next April, 10 million Americans should march on Washington to save the earth from the ravages of climate change that could destroy her, and rally for the preservation of democracy that is now under attack across America and around the world.

This march should be a protest march against those who threaten the earth and attack democracy. It should be an aspirational march and call to action for those who dream and work for a better country and better world. It should be an all-out mobilization for the 2022 midterm elections starring the silent majority of Americans who believe in saving the earth and defending democracy, and seek to elect the next Senate and House that would turn these dreams into the policy of the nation and send a powerful message across the globe.

The strange and sad truth of American politics today is that Democrats in Washington are trapped by a Senate that is divided exactly 50-50. Republicans in Washington are gripped by fear of a former president, coupled with a partisan GOP passion for power that leads most of them to support aggressive attacks against voting rights and democracy in state after state.

In my column last week I suggested a Biden war plan to win the 2022 midterm elections, including fireside chats on major issues to inform the electorate of how Democrats have helped Americans. A coordinated saturation campaign of television, radio and internet ads to drive home this truth. A prime-time presidential address to the nation from the Oval Office. And a massive and early grassroots fundraising campaign alongside an outreach to those of the most wealthy Americans with a social conscience, including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to make historically large donations for the cause of saving democracy and the earth in the midterms.

Today I add a march of 10 million people on Washington this spring to empower, give voice to, inspire and mobilize the great silent majority of Americans who believe in voting rights, equal rights, civil rights and democracy. And to advance the ultimate cause of saving the earth that, with great respect for those who recently gathered in Glasgow, remains in grave danger after that meeting.

Soon the Senate will hopefully address the critically important voting rights legislation, a subject I will soon have strong words about.  

By Earth Day in April, voting rights and democracy will be before the Supreme Court, which would take notice of 10 million men and women demonstrating on their doorstep to end anti-democratic practices to disenfranchise minorities, seniors, young people and others. To protest against those who tell big lies about the last election and try to steal the next ones. And to protest against those whose tactics inspire threats of violence against honest election officials, and even Republicans who vote to build bridges and are physically threatened and accused of treason.

Beyond protest, this massive march would appeal to great aspirations to save the earth and defend democracy, and great actions in the midterm elections, to end the sense of powerlessness and create a spirit of empowerment for those who will fight as hard to save the earth and democracy as those who fight to destroy both.

If such a historic march on Washington is called, people will be astonished and amazed by the sheer number of patriotic Americans who will rally and attend. They would leave this march empowered and activated for historic voter registration campaigns. And motivated and inspired to elect candidates in midterm elections who will end the tyranny of a 50-50 Senate and the would-be tyranny of a Republican Party that seeks to destroy democratic voting rights, promote a politics of hatred and dominate American politics for a decade.

If a historic march on Washington is called, it will inspire sister marches across the world of silent majorities elsewhere, who believe what we believe, and will act as we act.

Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Texas) and former Rep. Bill Alexander (D-Ark.), who was chief deputy majority whip of the House of Representatives.

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