Ivana Trump funeral plans are set

(NewsNation) — Friends and family of Ivana Trump will gather Wednesday at New York City’s St. Vincent Ferrer Church to celebrate her legacy.

At the age of 73, the former model was found dead near stairs in her apartment last week. A medical examiner ruled Trump’s death an accident. She died of “blunt impact injuries” to her torso, according to an official release from the medical examiner’s office.

Ivana was the first wife of former President Trump. The couple was married from 1977 to 1992 and had three children together, as well as nine grandchildren.

Donald and Melania Trump landed in New York City on Monday night and will be in attendance at the funeral, senior story producer Paula Froelich with NewsNation’s “Banfield” confirmed.

There are rumors that Melania won’t attend the funeral.

“If Melania shows, and that’s a big ‘if,’ she’ll be there just to support Donald,” Froelich said.

People magazine also confirmed that Ivana’s three children, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka, all plan to attend the funeral.

Froelich believes that the funeral will be “fabulous” and compared it to Joan Rivers’ funeral, which attracted stars including Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg, Kelly Osbourne and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Everyone in New York was there. Her coffin was led out by the New York police marching band, and they closed down 5th Avenue for it.”

Businessman Donald Trump and his wife Ivana appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago, Illinois, April 25, 1988. (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

Before the world knew Ivana as Mrs. Trump, she was a competitive skier, starting as a child, in Czechoslovakia.

During an interview with the New York Post, Ivanka Trump said that her mom Ivana was a “world-class athlete” before marriage.

Instead of bringing flowers to the funeral, the Trump family has requested that guests donate to Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

“Ivana was philanthropically involved with many charities throughout her entire life, but always remained steadfast and passionate in her love for animals. In lieu of flowers, we kindly ask you to support Ivana in her mission to help dogs and donate to Big Dog Rescue Ranch,” the donation page reads.

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