Judge delays Harvey Weinstein extradition to California

A judge moved Monday to delay Harvey Weinstein’s extradition to California, where he is set to face more criminal charges related to alleged sexual misconduct.

USA Today reported that Weinstein’s attorney will have until the end of April to file a petition laying out his argument explaining why Weinstein should not be transported to California where he faces several charges including four counts of rape.

Weinstein’s lawyer argues that California prosecutors failed to provide proper paperwork allowing him to explain why his client should not face extradition.

Weinstein appeared virtually at Monday’s hearing from a New York state prison where he is currently serving a nearly two-decade life sentence for a 2020 conviction on similar sexual assault charges. The former Hollywood mogul has appealed his New York conviction, arguing that his jury was not impartial.

Erie County, N.Y., District Attorney John Flynn knocked the move by Weinstein’s attorney, Norman Effman, at a press conference Monday after the hearing, according to USA Today, accusing him of not notifying California officials about the paperwork issue before Monday’s hearing.

“So now we’ll have a hearing to flesh this out and argue why the paperwork is messed up and I anticipate [Los Angeles] County will give me new paperwork that is correct, and it will be a moot point on April 30,” Flynn said.

Effman characterized his efforts as a delaying tactic resulting from Los Angeles County’s refusal to accept a delay in Weinstein’s extradition until June as the 69-year-old seeks medical treatment.

“On the basic human nature of this case, it seems disruptive to undo what New York has accomplished in taking care of someone in their custody,” Effman said, according to USA Today. “We’re not trying to avoid what’s going to happen in California; we believe there is not only a defense but a very good defense to these charges, which will result in acquittal.”

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