NBCSN shutting down at the end of 2021

NBCSN, the sports cable channel for NBCUniversal, will shut down at the end of 2021, according to an announcement on Friday. 

NBCUniversal said that the programs on NBCSN will eventually be aired on other platforms within the company, such as USA Network and the streaming service Peacock.

“We’re all aware of how quickly the media landscape is evolving, and our Company is taking thoughtful steps to stay ahead of these trends wherever possible and, in many instances, help set them,” Pete Bevacqua, NBC sports group chairman, said in an email to employees, NBC News reported.

There will be a virtual meeting for the company on Tuesday to answer any questions about the decision, Bevacqua said.

NBCUniversal is one of many companies that has had to cut costs and make adjustments due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Peacock was launched in July 2020 and already has some sports content, including the right to host Premier League soccer content for the 2021-2022 season. 

The company’s USA Network cable channel will host the NHL Stanley Cup playoff games and NASCAR races.

“This will make USA Network an extraordinarily powerful platform in the media marketplace, and gives our sports programming a significant audience boost,” Bevacqua said.

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