Fox News Media earns Great Place to Work designation

Fox News Media has been designated as a 2020 Great Place to Work by a global analytics and consulting firm that surveys employee sentiment, according to a network announcement on Thursday.

The announcement comes four years after the company underwent significant changes following the ouster of Roger Ailes. The former Fox News chairman and CEO was ousted in July 2016 not long after sexual misconduct allegations by several network employees emerged.

Ailes died in May 2017, eventually leading to Suzanne Scott being named CEO more than two years ago. She is the first woman to run a cable news organization.

The company-wide confidential survey provided by 2020 Great Place to Work-Certified business, which was founded more than 30 years ago and is used to help compile Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work annual list, shows more than 8 in 10 Fox News Media employees saying the company provides several key metrics, including heightened responsibility, access to resources and work/life balance.

“We continue to be the only news organization to spotlight a diversity of voices and viewpoints across all of our platforms,” Scott said. “Our amazing team of journalists have masterfully covered the biggest stories of our time while our opinion hosts have contributed valuable insights in analyzing an incredible news cycle.”

Overall, the survey results showed 85 percent of employees saying the company provides lots of responsibility, 82 percent saying it provided access to resources and 86 percent saying it encouraged work/life balance.

“It has truly been awe-inspiring working alongside so many of you here in the office since the start of the pandemic, as well as watching the majority of our team transition to remote workspaces without missing a beat,” Scott added.

Axios was named as a Great Place to Work in June 2020, with 89 percent of employees overall positively rating the company workplace.

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