Matt Gaetz criticizes McCarthy for not believing in ‘anything’

Republican Reps. Matt Gaetz (Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) penned dueling op-eds on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) quest to become Speaker that were published in The Daily Caller on Wednesday.

Gaetz, one of a handful of GOP lawmakers vocally opposing McCarthy’s bid, wrote that the California Republican “has no ideology” and claiming he would end up “caving to liberals.” Meanwhile, Greene, who is backing McCarthy, said the opposition is a “power play” that will produce no results.

“Every single Republican in Congress knows that Kevin does not actually believe anything. He has no ideology,” Gaetz wrote.

McCarthy’s Speakership bid requires him to garner a majority of votes on the floor early next month. 

The GOP’s slim majority, which fell short of expectations prior to the midterms, means McCarthy can only afford a few Republican defections, empowering conservative firebrands within the conference.

Gaetz compared McCarthy to former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), calling the GOP leader “Cavin’ McCarthy” who would give way to liberal policies.

“In sports, when the team loses games it is supposed to win, the coach gets fired,” Gaetz wrote. “In business, when earnings vastly miss projections, the CEO is replaced. In Republican politics, a promotion shouldn’t be failure’s chaser.”

The Hill has reached out to McCarthy’s office for comment.

McCarthy’s campaign for Speaker marks a rare disagreement between Gaetz and Greene, although the two lawmakers praised each other this week while talking about the issue.

“Lying to the base is a red line for me, and that’s what five of my closest colleagues are doing when they claim a consensus House Speaker candidate will emerge as they oppose Kevin McCarthy,” Greene wrote in her op-ed.

McCarthy’s fragile path to the Speakership has sparked a number of predictions about who might emerge if he falls short, ranging from House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) to even a Democrat, though the latter is viewed as the least likely scenario.

Greene argued that no sufficient alternative exists, so failing to elect McCarthy would stumble the party’s priorities.

“Just like many Americans I am sick and tired of drama and power plays coming from Washington, D.C., that only create headlines, but produce zero results,” Greene wrote for The Daily Caller. “The truth is they have no plan. It’s an empty promise, which is why I’m speaking out.”

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