Trump PAC launches DeSantis ‘pudding fingers’ attack ad

A pro-Trump super PAC has launched an ad going after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) targeting his policies while also mocking a story of him eating pudding sans spoon.

Last month, The Daily Beast reported that DeSantis was struggling to be personable with supporters and staff alike, and two sources told the outlet that the governor was once spotted on a private plane eating a cup of chocolate pudding with three fingers.

The new ad uses the incident to dig at DeSantis — former President Trump’s expected 2024 GOP primary rival — for his previous positions on cutting the social safety net.

“Ron DeSantis loves sticking his fingers where they don’t belong. And we’re not just talking about pudding,” the ad reads over unsettling footage of a faceless man eating chocolate pudding with his fingers. 

“DeSantis has his dirty fingers all over senior entitlements, like cutting Medicare, slashing Social Security, and even raising our retirement age.”

“Tell Ron DeSantis to keep his pudding fingers off our money,” the ad finishes, “Oh, and get this man a spoon!”

Politifact called similar claims about DeSantis’ record on entitlements only “half true” in 2018.

The ad aired on CNN and Fox on Saturday morning and was tweeted out by the Trump campaign account.

Trump has recently ramped up his attacks against DeSantis, who is seen by many political observers as his biggest potential opponent to the Republican presidential nomination.

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