Jill Biden makes pitch to parents for kids’ COVID-19 vaccinations

First lady Jill Biden on Monday urged parents to vaccinate their children against COVID-19, saying that it’s the parents’ choice but arguing that vaccines are best way to protect children.

“From the day you held your sweet, fragile, little baby for the first time, you have made the choice, again and again, to keep your child safe. Getting your kids the Covid-19 vaccine is your choice, too. Make the decision to protect your children with the same vaccine that has already saved millions of lives,” Biden wrote in a CNN op-ed.

While traveling to more than 30 states this year, she said parents have asked her when the vaccine for children is coming. 

“Now, it’s here — not just another way to protect your kids against Covid-19, but the best way. It’s been thoroughly reviewed and rigorously tested. It’s safe. It’s free and it’s available for every eligible child in the country,” she said.

Biden and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy visited Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston on Sunday to urge parents to vaccinate children ages 5 to 11.

Biden said the administration worked closely with pediatricians and pharmacists so that schools and more than 100 children’s hospitals can offer the vaccine shots, reiterating the convenience for parents taking children to get vaccinated. 

“Parenthood and worrying go hand-in-hand. It’s what we do. I can’t promise you that the dangers of the world will become any less frightening. Just wait until your kids start driving!” she said. “With this vaccine, however, we can help take care of at least one of those worries. A big one.”

Biden wrote about becoming a parent and worrying about protecting your child with baby gates, car seats, winter coats and hand-holding while crossing the street. She also reflected on parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic, from helping with virtual learning to getting vaccinated as adults. 

“Parents, we do absolutely everything to protect our kids, and in this pandemic, you did. You figured out how to support their virtual learning while working your job. Some of you even left your job to help your kids. You found ways to create online playdates and birthday parties. You chose to get yourself vaccinated,” she said.

“There were times when you probably felt like no matter what you did it wasn’t enough, but I want you to know: You carried your family through this. You’re doing an amazing job,” she added.

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