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Sen. Cramer details serious finger injury

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer (N.D.) on Monday posted an update on a hand injury he suffered last month that he had previously said could result in amputation. 

“3 weeks ago I crushed 2 fingers between 2 rocks and lost the tip of 1,” Cramer said on Twitter. “Thanks to great surgeons and 4 hrs of HBOT treatments and prayers of many, especially my grandchildren, my remaining tissue is healing nicely.”

Cramer announced the injury to his hand near the end of June, saying that the incident happened while he was working in his yard.

He later detailed the incident, explaining that the injury happened when he was moving a large rock before he was set to go swimming with his grandchildren. The rock rolled onto his ring and pinky fingers, crushing them.

The injury to his right hand required immediate surgery, where the senator said there was a “possible need for amputation.”

Cramer missed Senate votes and a hearing at the end of June but said on Monday he would be heading back to D.C.

“Looking forward to returning to DC this evening. #GodIsGood” the senator tweeted.

Cramer was in good spirits after the injury occurred, making jokes about the issue saying “his future NFL career is over,” according to Cramer’s communications director, Molly Block.

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