Inhofe warns EPA regulations could cause winter blackouts

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said Tuesday that he plans to introduce a bill that would allow states to opt-out of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations on power plants.

Inhofe said his Electricity Reliability and Affordability Act would allow states to determine which old power plants should be shutdown rather than the federal government.

{mosads}In an effort to combat carbon emissions, the administration announced that it would limit how much new coal power plants can emit and slowly close older plants that aren’t efficient. Inhofe said states would have a better idea than the federal government of what consumers want and need.

Inhofe also pointed out that January has been one of the coldest months on record, disproving claiming that there is global warming and climate change. He warned that if this cold weather persists and some power plants are shutdown, there might not be enough energy to meet demand during winter months.

“If this recent cold weather occurs again while these plants are shutdown there simply won’t be enough electricity to keep people warm,” Inhofe said on the Senate floor. “It could result in massive blackouts. … It will be as if we’re living in the 1600s and everyone will be cold.”

Inhofe has been an ardent climate change denier calling it a big “hoax.” Most scientists disagree with him. 

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