Georgia woman finds at least 100K bees in her home — again

A Georgia woman on Saturday was surprised when she found more than 100,000 bees in her home, the second time she has discovered a mass hive, CNN reports.

In the 14 years Lisa Ohrmundt has lived in her home, she’s had to have bees removed four times. Her most recent finding was the second time they numbered over 100,000.

“Four years ago, in May of 2017, we had a really big hive taken out. A couple years later we had a smaller one taken out. Then a week or so ago we had a smaller one taken out, and then this one … hopefully is the grand finale,” she said.

Ohrmundt didn’t realize she had a bee problem until she started noticing them swarming the outside of her house and then disappearing.

“You see them going in and out and you think — that’s odd!” she said, according to CNN. “This time a lot of bees kept getting in our house; any given day there would be 20 to 25 bees at the base of our sliding glass door.”

The home’s previous owners also had a problem with bee infestations, neighbors told Ohrmundt.

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Bee expert Bobby Chaisson, operations director at Georgia Bee Removal, said he doesn’t know why the bees love that particular house.

“They just love that house. I don’t know what it is, it’s like they have a sign on the side of the house that says: ‘Bees Welcome, Please Move In’,” he said.

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