Former Oakland Athletics manager in ICU with coronavirus

Former Major League Baseball manager, coach and player Art Howe is being treated in the ICU with coronavirus, according to multiple reports. 

Howe, 73, told Houston’s KPRC2 that he began to feel symptoms of the virus on May 2, experiencing chills that made him shake “like a leaf.” He later tested positive for the virus and went into isolation. He said that he experienced fatigue and lost his sense of taste, KPRC reported.

“Never experienced anything like it before,” he told the outlet. Howe said his symptoms worsened, and he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance Tuesday. He remained in the ICE as of Thursday evening.

He told the outlet that he has seen some slow improvement in his symptoms. However, he has not gone 24 hours without a fever, which is required for him to be released.

Howe said that his sense of taste has not returned, telling KPRC2, “I know I should eat, but nothing at all makes you want to eat.”

Howe played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Houston Astros and the St. Louis Cardinals. He also managed the Astros, the Oakland Athletics and the New York Mets. 

The Oakland Athletics tweeted Thursday, “Sending positive thoughts to our former skipper Art Howe.”

The Houston Astros tweeted Thursday, “The Astros family has former player and manager Art Howe in our thoughts tonight as we wish him a speedy recovery. We’re with you, Art!”

Mets Vice President of Alumni Public Relations and team historian Jay Horwitz tweeted Thursday, “Want to send best wishes on behalf of our entire organization to former @Mets manager Art Howe who is in a Houston hospital battling COVID-19. Never have met a nicer man.” 

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