Poll: 51 percent disapprove of ObamaCare

Fifty-one percent of people disapprove of President Obama’s healthcare law — a slight drop from last month, a Gallup poll finds. 

According to the survey released Tuesday, another 41 percent of people approve of ObamaCare, while 9 percent express no opinion. 

{mosads}While the law’s approval increased 3-percent from a low of 38 percent last month, the number is in line with the longer-term trend since November. 

The healthcare law’s approval rating has remained relatively constant since dropping a few points amid the botched rollout of the healthcare exchanges last year. In November, a month after the rollout, 40 percent of people approved of the law while 55 percent disapproved. 

The majority of people, 64 percent, continue to say the law has had no effect on either them or their family. Nineteen percent say it has hurt, while 13 percent say it has helped. 

By a margin of about 10-percent, people think the healthcare law will make the overall healthcare system and their individual experience worse rather than better in the long term. 

The poll came ahead of a Congressional Budget Office Report that found the healthcare law would decrease the equivalent of 2.3 million workers in the next decade, due to employees choosing to work less. That is an increase from the previous projection of 800,000.

CBO also found that the botched rollout of the law had likely decreased the amount of people who would sign up for the healthcare exchanges from 7 million to 6 million in the first year. But it found there would be an uptick in enrollment in the next two years. 

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The Gallup poll surveyed 1,017 people from Jan. 31-Feb. 1 and has a 4-percent margin of error. 


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