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GOP rep: Trump ‘doesn’t have any ideas’

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) said Wednesday that GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is all bluster, lacking the substance of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), whom Duffy his backing for the nomination.

“This guy talks big and he seems strong,” Duffy said of Trump on CNN’s “New Day.” “But when you ask him questions about, ‘How do we make America safe again? How do I grow our economy? How do I bring jobs back home? How do I fix healthcare?’ he doesn’t have any ideas.”

{mosads}Duffy argued that Rubio is the best candidate for securing a Republican White House in November’s general election.

“When you want to fix the country, you want someone who can beat Hillary Clinton,” he said. “It’s not Donald Trump Democrats are afraid to run against. I think they’re afraid to run against Marco because he can shatter the Democrat coalition.”

Duffy said Trump as a nominee would shrink the party, but Rubio would expand the base.

“He’s going to bring over Hispanics, single white women. Democrats don’t want to run against Marco. He can beat Hillary. He can fix the country with great policy.”

Duffy dismissed Rubio’s underwhelming performance on Super Tuesday, claiming he would flip his momentum by winning Florida’s GOP presidential primary on March 15.

“Make no mistake, Marco will win his home state,” he said. “Though Marco hasn’t won a lot of states outside of Minnesota, he’s still getting delegates for the convention. As we move into Marco’s strengths in those states, those are winner-take-all states, which are only going to help him wrack up the delegates he needs to win at convention.”

Trump dominated in multiple voting contests on Tuesday, winning seven out of 11 states up for grabs. Rubio, in contrast, emerged victorious only in Minnesota, meaning he trails both Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in delegates.

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