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Clinton’s message to Trump supporter: I don’t have horns

Hillary Clinton wants Donald Trump supporters to know she’s not as evil as they may think.
When asked to give a message to a Trump supporter Wednesday, the Democratic presidential candidate’s response was: “I don’t have horns.”
{mosads}Clinton was approached by 22-year-old Kayla Helmers, who asked the former secretary of State to give a message to her father, a Trump supporter named Shawn Starry.
“Hi Shawn, I am here with your daughter,” Clinton said, as Helmers recorded with her phone. “I hope you can see I don’t have horns. And I really do hope that as this election goes on, you will listen to your daughter. Thanks. Bye.”
Starry told TheBlaze on Thursday that he “kind of chuckled” after he saw the video.
“It came out of nowhere,” he said, adding that he was not swayed by Clinton’s message.
“I have always been a kind of a Trump supporter,” he said. “I like his attitude about life. I like his attitude about pursuing your passion. Being goal-oriented. Not being passive aggressive. I like his vision.”
Starry also said he was a Democrat who voted for former president Bill Clinton, but added he was going to go with his “gut feeling” on Trump.
“I think what I am looking at is the character of the person,” he said. “Anybody can go into politics.”
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