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Kimmel hits Trump on ‘un-American’ Muslim ban


Comedian Jimmy Kimmel hit at Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims late Wednesday, asking if it represents American values.

{mosads}“Did anyone try to talk you out of saying we should temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States?” Kimmel asked the GOP presidential front-runner on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Isn’t it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion?” he asked.

“The word is temporarily,” Trump responded. “We have people looking to come into our country and do tremendous harm. We’ve got to get to the bottom of it. There’s some bad stuff going on.”

Trump then said that his proposal has support within the Islamic community.

“I have many, many friends who are Muslims,” he said. “They’re great people. Many of them have called me and said, ‘you know Donald, you’re right, we do have a problem.’ ”

“Those may have been crank calls,” Kimmel joked as the audience applauded and laughed. “Did you check the caller ID?”

Kimmel then asked Trump if his rhetoric helps the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) recruit more terrorists.

“I don’t buy it,” the billionaire businessman retorted. “We need strength. There’s a tremendous hatred out there. You can’t solve a problem until you find out the root cause. We’ve got a problem [and] we’ve got to get to the bottom of it.”

Trump’s interview with Kimmel did have some lighter moments.

Trump joked, for example, that former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) was “too nice” to kill an infant version of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“That was a vicious baby, though, let me tell you.” 

Kimmel also unveiled a mock children’s book about Trump called “Winners Aren’t Losers” and spoofed the Republican’s medical report earlier this week.

Trump suggested the glowing review of his health he received came from prodding his personal doctor.

“In all fairness, I said, ‘Doc, I want to tell you, I’ll be the healthiest president ever,’” he said.

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