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Super-PAC ad portrays Trump as con man

The largest super-PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s White House bid will release a new online ad Tuesday that portrays GOP rival Donald Trump as a con man.

The minute-long ad from Priorities USA, viewed first by The Hill, is called “Donald Trump: The Art of the Sell.”

{mosads}It uses clips of the GOP front-runner hawking his steaks and business school, and promising to make America great by securing the border and defeating terrorists.

As Trump speaks, moving text at the bottom of the screen contradicts each of Trump’s claims.

“We’re going to teach you business. … We’re going to teach you salesmanship,” Trump says about his business school, Trump University, in the ad.

Meanwhile, the text says, “Trump University is accused of defrauding people out of tens of thousands of dollars.”

Later, Trump says “one bite” of his steaks and “you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Trump Steaks was [sic] described as being ‘extremely greasy’ and ‘tasteless and mealy,’ ” the text says.

The attack comes amid efforts by Trump and his advisers to shift the tone of the campaign.

Trump has brought on a host of veteran GOP operatives to help him navigate the final stages of the primary before the Republican convention. He is opening an office near Capitol Hill to focus on congressional outreach and will give an address on foreign policy at the National Press Club on Wednesday.

Trump’s manager for the party’s national convention in July, Paul Manafort, told GOP power brokers at a major Republican National Committee meeting last week in Florida that Trump is only playing a “part” on the campaign trail.

Still, at his rallies, Trump remains aggressive in attacking his rivals and defending his controversial positions.

Priorities USA is seeking to capitalize on that tension by reminding voters of Trump the salesman.

The group has raised more than $100 million and has not spent anything on the Democratic primary, instead choosing to hoard its cash for the battle with Republicans in the general election.

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