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Former Bush adviser: Too late for Republicans to ‘ask mommy to step in and rewrite the rules’

A major Republican political strategist has called for the party to accept that presidential front-runner Donald Trump will become the nominee, saying, “It is too late for the limp GOP establishment to ask their mommy to step in and rewrite the rules.”

Media consultant Alex Castellanos wrote, “There is a fantasy effort to stop Trump, like a fantasy campaign to stop yesterday but it exists only as the denial stage of grief,” in an email to The Washington Post.

“If our self-indulgent Republican party establishment had really wanted to prevent a takeover of the GOP, they should not have gorged on political power while they failed to do anything to prevent the decline of the country. Our leaders could have led. They could have done more than say ‘no’ to Democrats while offering no alternative.”

Castellanos, who has advised several Republican presidential nominees and was part of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s failed 2016 campaign, had called on the party to ramp up its efforts to defeat the real estate mogul earlier in the race, but he now says it is too late to stop the front-runner.

“Now, Trump has earned the nomination,” Castellanos wrote. “He won it, fair and square and we should respect that. Donald Trump whipped the establishment and it is too late for the limp GOP establishment to ask their mommy to step in and rewrite the rules because they were humiliated for their impotence.”

He added: “If Trump is going to be our nominee, as I believe he is, it is our mission to support Trump and make him the best nominee and president possible.”

Trump had a strong showing this week, winning seven of the 11 Super Tuesday states, and he has won a total 10 states so far in the election.



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