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Conservative actor Ben Stein mulls voting for Dems instead of Trump

A former GOP speechwriter is considering voting for a Democratic candidate in the general election over Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Ben Stein, a conservative economist, said he’s never voted for a Democrat before — adding that he’d like to see a Republican in office — but called the front-runner “dangerously misinformed” and said he would “sink” the party.

{mosads}”I like him, but he’s dangerously misinformed,” he said on CNN on Wednesday.

Stein said he went to law school with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, adding he’s always had a “kind of fondness for her.”

“She was always a very nice young woman,” Stein said.

He also said he admired her rival Bernie Sanders’s single-payer national health plan.

“When I worked for Mr. Nixon as a speechwriter, I wrote the message that sent up Mr. Nixon’s proposal for single-payer health plan,” he said.

Stein said he liked Ted Cruz and “loved” Marco Rubio. But he added Rubio is “hanging an albatross around Mr. Trump’s neck that doesn’t deserve to be there,” referring to criticism over David Duke and The Ku Klux Klan.

“Mr. Trump definitely did disavow the Ku Klux Klan and to say otherwise is simply not true,” Stein said.

“If I could just snap my fingers and have anyone it would be Marco Rubio,” he said. “But I think he’s been a little bit disingenuous lately.”

He also called New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie a very capable governor but said he made a poor decision in his endorsement of Trump.

“I think he made a mistake getting on the Trump bandwagon, and I just hope that bandwagon does not drag the whole party out to sea and sink us,” Stein said. 

“I’m afraid that’s what’s coming down the road.”

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