London bans e-scooters from public transport network, cites safety concerns

London is set to ban all e-scooters from its public transport network due to safety concerns.

According to The Guardian, the ban comes following multiple incidents in which e-scooters combusted. It will be applied to all e-scooters, including privately owned vehicles and e-unicycles, even when they are folded or carried.

Transport for London, the government body overseeing most of the city’s public transport network, said that those who have privately owned scooters will also be banned from traveling with the vehicles on any of its buses, trams or the tube, per The Guardian. It also stated that e-scooters will not be permitted on any of its property.

Users who fail to comply with the ban could be fined up to 1,000 pounds.

 “Our primary concern is always for the safety of our customers and staff. We have been extremely worried by the recent incidents on our public transport services, which involved intense fires and considerable smoke and damage,” Transport for London’s chief safety officer, Lilli Matson, said, according to the news outlet. 

“We have worked with London fire brigade to determine how we should deal with these devices and, following that review, we have decided to ban them,” she continued.

The only exception to the ban will be for foldable e-bikes or mobility scooters, which Transport for London said tend to follow higher manufacturing standards, The Guardian reported.

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