GOP governors focus on oil-and-gas drilling in energy platform

The energy blueprint from the GOP governors was released a day before the party’s presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is scheduled to detail his own energy plan in New Mexico. Romney has drawn a contrast between his energy views and those of President Obama, saying Obama’s regulatory and energy policies have shown he is no friend to the coal, gas and oil industries.

The governors’ energy concerns and goals are in line with House and Senate Republicans. They argue that exploration for, and use of, domestic natural gas and oil would be an “economic driver” while also strengthening national security by reducing dependence on foreign energy sources.

Chief among the RGPPC’s priorities are: approving the Keystone XL pipeline that would bring Canadian oil sands to Texas refineries; scrapping Obama’s five-year offshore drilling plan in favor of a more expansive one; developing more energy from Alaskan reserves; and relaxing regulations for natural-gas drilling.

“Fortunately, once again, creative American minds have conquered technological challenges that have unlocked new domestic oil reserves,” the paper said. “These reserves offer us a new opportunity for economic transformation. Rather than vilifying private businesses which must compete with foreign sovereign oil companies, Republican governors prefer to enable private investment to responsibly explore and produce domestic resources.”


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