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Rapper Kodak Black faces arrest after warrant says he missed a drug test

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Rapper Kodak Black is facing another arrest in South Florida after a warrant claims he missed a drug test that was a condition of bail in a drug case.

According to a warrant issued last week by the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Kodak Black, whose legal name is Bill Kapri, didn’t show up for a June 9 drug test. Kapri was arrested last July on charges of trafficking in oxycodone and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. He was freed on a $75,000 bond, and regular drug testing was a condition of his release.

The 26-year-old performer has a court appearance scheduled for Monday.

Kapri was ordered to drug rehab for 30 days earlier this year after missing a drug test in February and then testing positive for fentanyl several days later, according to court records.

The singer’s lawyer suggested during a hearing that a star-struck drug lab technician may have mixed up the sample or paperwork. The tech who took the sample admitted that was possible. But when the judge suggested the singer have his hair tested, the defense declined. A hair test could detect drug use back 90 days compared to the few days urine and blood tests typically capture.

In January 2021, then-President Donald Trump commuted a three-year federal prison sentence the rapper had for falsifying documents used to buy weapons. Kapri had served about half his sentence.

As Kodak Black, Kapri has sold more than 30 million singles, with massive hits such as “Super Gremlin,” which reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 last year.


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