Carson: Cruz, Kasich should put GOP above ‘personal ambition’

Ben Carson, a surrogate for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, blasted GOP rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich on Tuesday for teaming up against the front-runner.

“Yes, maybe they think it’s nice to be president. But put that aside and think about the party and think about what you are potentially doing to it,” Carson said during an interview on Fox News. “It far supersedes any personal ambition.”

{mosads}Carson was asked during the appearance whether he thought Cruz and Kasich could stick to their plan to coordinate efforts in upcoming state elections in order to keep Trump from collecting enough delegates to clinch the nomination before the Republican National Convention.

“The fact of the matter is, people who are very ambitious and who will do whatever it takes in order to achieve their goal are people that probably should not be president of the United States,” Carson said.

The retired neurosurgeon, who endorsed Trump after ending his own presidential bid last month, stood by Trump’s characterization of the Cruz-Kasich alliance as “collusion,” arguing, “I think it’s going to backfire big time.”

“The reason that this is such an unusual year is because the people have sort of risen up and said, ‘We don’t want all this stuff that’s been going on, all this intricate backroom stuff; we want straightforward things to happen.’ “

Carson dismissed the suggestion that Cruz and Kasich were simply striking a deal like Trump himself has advocated.

“It’s the art of the deal in business,” Carson said.

He also invoked his background in science to explain why he was supporting Trump after making comments earlier suggesting he’d wouldn’t back him if the GOP race were shaping up differently.

“I fully support him, but, you know, what I was saying is that I’m pragmatic,” Carson said Tuesday. “I’ve grown up in the world of science, where we do things based on evidence and on facts, and when you look at the pathway that the other people have, it only works through a brokered convention.”

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