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Kaine outraises Allen, buys airtime for the fall in Virginia’s Senate race

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D) has once again outraised former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.), and he’s using his cash edge to purchase $2.5 million in ad time for the fall.

Kaine’s campaign announced it brought in $1.2 million and has $2.5 million in the bank after the big investment in TV. 

{mosads}Allen’s campaign raised $740,000 and spent $640,000, netting just $100,000 for the period between the beginning of April and May 23, when the Virginia pre-primary fundraising reports ended. 

It now has $2.75 million in the bank — and has yet to reserve any air time for the fall. 

Kaine has so far outraised Allen by $8.4 million to $6.6 million in the campaign.

Candidates with the cash to spend are beginning to lock in airtime across the country for the fall, while TV rates are lower. 

Polls show Kaine and Allen neck-and-neck in the crucial swing state. Virginia will also be a major presidential battleground, making TV time even more expensive and hard to come by closer to election day.

The Allen campaign has long had a high cash burn rate, and spent 85 percent of what they raised during this period. 

Some top Republicans close to Allen’s campaign have told The Hill he is running a consultant-heavy campaign and is spending at too fast a rate.

When asked about his spending rate, Allen’s campaign defended his fundraising.

“We are pleased with the growing strength of grassroots support we have seen from every region of Virginia,” said Allen spokeswoman Katie Wright. “There is little doubt Chairman Kaine will continue to be rewarded for his loyalty to President Obama’s agenda.  We are confident we will have the resources necessary to get out our message and continue to build the infrastructure needed to win in Virginia.”

Both candidates have strong fundraising networks from which to work, although Kaine’s recent position as head of the Democratic National Committee may help him more than Allen’s time as a senator and governor. Allen has been out of office for six years.

While Kaine has outpaced Allen in both fundraising and cash on hand so far, it’s unlikely money will be a problem for either candidate. The race has the potential to be the most expensive Senate race in the country. 

Both candidates have super PACs backing them that plan to raise and spend $3 million. Big-spending outside groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the GOP-aligned American Crossroads have already spent large chunks of money against Kaine.

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